unity sports access

Empowering Our Youth


Provide children and families with the opportunity to experience sporting events at the highest level.


Provide funding for underserved communities to play organized sports.

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our Mission

We are committed to: Empowering our youth for success by providing opportunities that develop strong core values through sports, mentorship, leadership training, and financial assistance

our Vision

We aspire to build a sense of community and inclusivity by providing our youth and coaches the opportunity to attend high quality sports experiences

-Boost players opportunities through financial assistance

-Provide a safe environment that promotes growth for athletes through personal development and coaching

Our Goal

is to provide through charitable contributions used and new sports equipment. Help develop our youth and coaches mentallly, academically, physically and spiritually.

What unity sports access sponsorship did for me, was that it allowed me to focus on the sport that I played and to play 100% and give it my all. It has helped me to play at the next level, and continue my studies in college.

Gavin Castillo
Student Athlete

As Rachael was going into her senior year of high school she was looking forward to attending cheer camp. Being that she comes from a single parent household, her attendance to camp would have put a financial strain on her home. Unity Sports Access sponsored her attendance to the camp and lightened the financial load for her family. After leaving camp Rachael was named team captain for her senior year at Etiwanda High.

Student Athlete