All-Seasons Sports
Equipment DRIVE

We create opportunities in sports and physical fitness for kids in underserved communities. Help our youth stay in the game by donating brand new or gently used sports equipment.

    * All-Seasons Sports Equipment Drive provides a direct contribution to the aid and surplus of sports equipment to public schools, youth programs and charitable organizations across Southern California. Unity Sports Access has pledged to ensure the protection of our youth by covering every shoulder, elbow, knee, head and heart… With your support, we can uphold this great commission by filling up our All- Seasons Sports Equipment Drive reserve for the next upcoming Seasons.

       Request Guidelines


      Only requests from official team/league/school personnel/representatives will be taken into consideration. This includes but is not limited to, youth league commissioners, youth coaches, high school coaches, and high school athletic directors. Approved requests will be limited to one per calender year and will be handled on a first come first serve basis.

      Equipment picked up by the requester/other representative within two weeks after notification of request approval.

      • Year round acceptance of new or gently used equipement
      • Equipment will be donated to individual kids, youth nonprofit organizations, and  selected high schools
      • Special request pick-ups will be made based on donation
      • Monetary donations to Unity Sports Access will assist in purchasing equipment

      The icons below contain a listing of qualifying donations for each designated sport.

        Help our Youth Stay In The Game


        • Cleats
        • Flag Football Belts
        • Footballs
        • Gloves
        • Kicking Tees
        • Mini Footballs
        • Pads
        • Helmets (5 years old or less)




        • Bags
        • Balls
        • Clubs








        • Basketballs
        • Basketball Shoes
        • Mini Basketballs








        • Soccer Balls
        • Cleats
        • Goalie Gloves
        • Goals
        • Shin Guards
        • Socks



        Baseball & Softball

        • Aluminum/Wood Bats
        • Bags
        • Bases (rubber & soft)
        • Baseballs
        • Catchers Gear
        • Cleats
        • Gloves (batting & fielding)
        • Helmets (5 years old or newer)
        • Pants
        • Pitching/Batting Nets
        • Pitching Machines
        • Softballs
        • Softie Balls
        • T-Ball Sets
        • Umpire Gear
        • Whiffle Balls
        • Whiffle Bats


        Fitness & Misc.

        • Agility Equipment
        • Bicycles (5 years old or less)
        • Ball Pumps
        • Boxing/Karate Pads
        • Cones
        • First Aid Kits
        • Free Weights
        • Frisbees
        • Gymnastics Equipment
        • Hula Hoops
        • Jump Ropes
        • Kickballs
        • Mouthguards (still in package)
        • Pinnies
        • Playground Balls
        • Resistance Bands
        • Roller Skates (5 years old or less)
        • Swim Equipment
        • Weighted Plates
        • Whistles
        • Yoga/Fitness Mats


        Racquet Sports

        • Ball Hoppers
        • Tennis Balls
        • Tennis Racquet Covers
        • Tennis Racquets
        • Badminton Sets
        • Racquetball Sets
        • Squash Sets





        • Knee Pads
        • Nets
        • Volleyballs