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“I’d rather regret the risks that didn’t work out than the chances I didn’t take at all.” – Simone Biles

About The Empowering Her Legacy Campaign

I t is no secret that female involvement in sports is a rarity amongst girls in general. But one thing that isn’t rare, is the dropout rate of the limited number of girls that are interested and are involved in sports. There are many reasons why girls drop out of sports. But according to the Rally Report survey, the most common barriers to participation range from a lack of time to availability, awareness of sports, changing of priorities, low confidence, negative body image, perceived lack of skill, and feeling unwelcome. The Empowering Her Legacy Campaign was designed to change all of that. Our sole mission is to bring sport participation awareness to young girls, and then support and empower them with the confidence and financial ability to participate in the sport of their choosing.


The Empowering Her Legacy Campaign dedicated to Crystal Erwin. Crystal was a standout Notre Dame junior forward that captured the hearts of many with her competitive nature and love for the community off the court. One day, she approached Notre Dame’s coordinator of women’s basketball operations Stephanie Menio about the possibility of giving back to the young people of the South Bend community through a mentoring program. That conversation ultimately led Crystal to become a mentor to 15-20 female students at the Dickinson Middle School in South Bend.

Many of the young ladies in this group were at risk, and very much in need of a positive role model. Crystal would meet with the girls at least once per week for 1-2 hours in the afternoon. She would focus on helping the girls learn to deal with life’s daily struggles and temptations, including drugs, alcohol, violence, respect and education.

“Seeing these girls each week reminds me what’s really important in the world right now.”

– Crystal Erwin

Unfortunately, on July 18, 2020, Crystal died unexpectedly. The Empowering Her Legacy Campaign has been established to help her legacy to live on through the same type of community outreach that Crystal held close to her heart.


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