Unity Sports Access has an emphasis on motivating students to achieve academic and athletic excellence

The Gameday Experience

 The Gameday Experience has become one of Unity Sports Access’ flagship programs. This resource provides children and families with the opportunity to experience sporting events at the highest level. Our hope is to inspire our student athletes to make a direct correlation that with hard work and determination their dreams can become reality. To provide them with the support to overcome their present hardships by accessing their inner greatness.

Athletic Sponsorship

 Unity Sports Access is committed to Identifying and providing families and young athletes with leadership, mentorship, and the financial assistance to participate in organized sports. Building support from the community by empowering our youth. Helping them to prepare mentally, and to become more self-confident and passionate in their physical abilities.

All-Seasons Sports
Equipment DRIVE

 This program is dedicated to equipping student athletes in underserved communities with the tools needed to thrive in a competitive world. Athletic participation requires quality equipment. Equipment that will not only promote our student’s ability to perform but also, ensure their safety. Unity Sports Access is actively seeking partners who have the desire to help fill this need through our All- Seasons Sports Equipment Drive.

Empowering Her Legacy

Our vision is to create a future where young girls have equal access to and opportunities in sports, enabling them to cultivate a lifelong love for physical activity and personal achievement. We aspire to eliminate the dropout rates among girls in sports by fostering an environment of inclusivity, confidence, and empowerment.