Unity Sports Access


Unity Sports Access is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization committed to identifying and providing underserved communities and young athletes with leadership, mentorship, and the financial assistance to participate in organized sports. Unity Sports Access strives to build support from the community by empowering our youth. Helping them to prepare mentally, and to become more self-confident and passionate in their physical abilities.

Unity Sports Access has an emphasis on motivating students to achieve academic and athletic excellence. Unity Sports Access has been able to promote these qualities through their many supportive programs such as “The Gameday Experience”. The Gameday experience has become one of Unity Sports Access’ flagship programs.  This resource provides children and families with the opportunity to experience sporting events at the highest level. Our hope is to inspire our student’s athletes to make a direct correlation that with hard work and determination their dreams can become reality.  To provide them with the support to overcome their present hardships by accessing their inner greatness. 

our Mission

We are committed to: Empowering our youth for success by providing opportunities that develop strong core values through sports, mentorship, leadership training, and financial assistance.

our Vision

We aspire to build a sense of community and inclusivity by providing our youth and coaches the opportunity to attend high quality sports experiences 

-Boost players opportunities through financial assistance 

-Provide a safe environment that promotes growth for athletes through personal development and coaching

our Goal

is to provide through charitable contributions used and new sports equipment. Help develop our youth and coaches mentallly, academically, physically and spiritually.

What unity sports access sponsorship did for me, was that it allowed me to focus on the sport that I played and to play 100% and give it my all. It has helped me to play at the next level, and continue my studies in college.

Gavin Castillo
Student Athlete