Who We Are?

Unity Sports Access is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We exist to impact underserved communities through the promotion of high-quality sports engagement, for the betterment of young peoples physical, mental, emotional, and academic well-being. Our approach is one that is backed by years of scientific research that have found sports activity helps children develop and improve cognitive skills. Engagement in sports can also alter attitudes for the better, and improve academic behavior.

By utilizing the funds we receive through generous donations, we’re able to provide financial assistance for young athletes to purchase used and new sporting equipment so that they can participate in the sports they love. In turn, we’re able to place hope and inspiration into the hearts and minds of some of the most underprivileged children in our communities. We also aim to build confidence and desires of aspiration in our young people with leadership, mentorship, coaching and personal development training.

The Youth Are Our Future

Our mission isn’t just to get youth playing sports. We’re helping to cultivate tomorrow’s leaders. In order to do that, we understand that we need to invest heavily in their academic, mental and physical well-being today, so that they can be equipped to face and conquer life’s challenges tomorrow.

Our Coaches Matter

Sometimes it’s not only our young people that need guidance, help, and resources. The hero’s that coach them sometimes need a place to find inspiration that they can consume themselves or even pass-on to the young athletes on their teams. Our Playbook serves as a blog and resource center for coaches and their athletes to come and discover information and resources they need, when they need them the most.