Athletic sponsorship Fund

Unity Sports Access athletic sponsorship will be awarded to selected student athletes to aid in their mental, spiritual, and athletic development. Athletic sponsorship is a resource designated to connect student athletes to national conferences, premier athletic training camps, and sporting equipment that will ensure our student athletes success. The student athletes in our organization receive the highest quality of training, which allows our students to compete at a premier level.

Students eligible for the athletic sponsorship fund have demonstrated strong academic success, good work ethic, and strong leadership qualities.

If your student athlete is interested in applying for the Unity Sports Access athletic sponsorship, please complete the following sponsorship application:

If you are interested in becoming an athletic sponsorship donor please submit your contact information below:

What unity sports access sponsorship did for me, was that it allowed me to focus on the sport that I played and to play 100% and give it my all. It has helped me to play at the next level, and continue my studies in college.

Gavin Castillo
Student Athlete