Athletic Sponsorship

 The Athletic Sponsorship will be awarded to selected student Athletes to aid in their mental, spiritual, and Athletic development. The Athletic Sponsorship is a resource designated to connect student Athletes to National events, Elite Athletic training, and sports camps that will ensure our student Athletes success. The student athletes in our organization receive the highest quality of training, which allows our students to compete at a premier level.

Unity Sports Access has an emphasis on motivating students to achieve academic and athletic excellence

All local sports teams and community programs who meet our guidelines below are encouraged to apply for our team sponsorships! Our Athletic Sponsorship focuses on supporting teams sponsorships to help support youth participation, and tournament fees.

Athletic Sponsorship Fund Guidelines:


      • Parent / Teams / Organizations with athletes ages 5-18 are eligible
      • The Athletic sponsorship will be reviewed by our committee once a month, and a response will be sent to the applicant
      • Parent / Teams/Organizations can only apply once per year
      • Applications must be submitted at least 1 month before registration is due (the earlier you submit the better!)
      • If your application needs immediate attention please contact us
      • If your application is approved for a sponsorship you will be notified by email
      • Students eligible for the athletic sponsorship fund have demonstrated strong academic success, good work ethic, and strong leadership qualities.
      • A minimum of two youth  will be selected in a calendar year for Athletic Sponsorship Fund
      • Youth or parent will directly apply for sponsorship program
      • Coaches or leaders from youth organizations or agencies will refer a youth for sponsorship
      • Youth parent or leader will submit an essay on why youth qualifies and should receive fund

If your student athlete is interested in applying for the Unity Sports Access athletic sponsorship, please complete the following sponsorship application:

If you are interested in becoming an athletic sponsorship donor please submit your contact information below: